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Identitätsbasierte Markenkommunikation und PR für Design, Möbel und Architektur. Hamburg, Düsseldorf

roecknergrewe is focusing on design, architecture and creative personalities. Our work is based on the identity-based brand management approach. We develop holistic concepts for brands that reconcile the needs of a company with those of the media and customers. In doing so, we combine the entrepreneurial and media perspectives of communication in our competencies. We offer the following areas of competence, which are coordinated and intertwined with the overall strategy.


Brand Strategies

Communication and public relations are successful when all activities are derived from the core of the brand and follow a coordinated action plan. In addition, the brand's objectives have to be reconciled with the interests of customers and the way the media work. This is what our concept of identity-based brand communication and public relations does.

We develop a common understanding of the brand and the communicative goals together with you and derive the appropriate contents and measures from this. We understand the mindset of brands and media equally well, as we ourselves have made decisions for a luxury brand and a publishing house of worldwide renown over the years in positions of responsibility. In addition to well-founded research and analysis, we also rely on our intuition at a decisive point, because in the end we want to anchor our clients' brands in the hearts of media makers and customers. 

Story and Content Creation

In order to distribute information, it has to become a story. And we create stories that move people. We choose a holistic perspective and create context regarding the makers, brand and product. With communicative experience, journalistic skills, inspiration and sound knowledge of the industry and competition, we create lasting attention. We "think our way in" and find an individual and tailor-made communicative approach to your topic.

Media Relations

A network should be based on trust and credibility. Our extensive network of relevant journalists has grown over many years and is based exactly on this. We maintain personal contacts with many of the relevant editors-in-chief, department heads, specialist journalists and freelancers. We know what interests them and why. This enables us to place the right stories in the best possible way. Through the close exchange, we learn about trends before they are written. 

Network of Opinion Leaders

Together we are stronger. Good and personal relationships are the basis for bringing people together and initiating joint projects from which all sides benefit. Our excellent network goes far beyond the media. Whether creative, trade or luxury and design industry, our contacts are based on together over 25 years in the industry. 

Advertising Strategies

Lasting attention needs multiple points of contact. We develop integrated communication strategies whose effectiveness is achieved by combining relevant content with advertising support. We have a well-founded and long-standing expertise in the field of media planning and know from our own experience the interactions between the editorial department and the advertising business. Advertising can be extended in print, online or social media.

Social Media

For a good story, social media is the natural habitat. Nowhere else can content spread faster, because what moves people, they want to share. A consistent distribution strategy naturally involves social media. We have the know-how to reposition brands in the social web or to maintain and expand existing channels. We develop content-related as well as advertising concepts and implement them with you or for you. 

Brand Expiriences

The emotional charge of factual information creates lasting memories. This creates unforgettable brand experiences, where inspiring people come together in an unusual place. We derive suitable formats from the brand strategy and plan product launches, trade fair appearances, journalist and customer events, find speakers for specialist or impulse lectures and think along with the media documentation and prolongation of events.